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High comfort Slouch Socks

fesoi Slouch Socks 120 cm (Loose Socks)

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An homage to Shibuya, Tokyo: Original fesoi Slouch Socks for sporty, individual outfits. The... more
All about "fesoi Slouch Socks 120 cm (Loose Socks)"

An homage to Shibuya, Tokyo: Original fesoi Slouch Socks for sporty, individual outfits. The 120cm long shaft of the socks is the ideal length for individual gathers and the so-called loose look on the leg. Due to the material density and the cotton content of 75% you will love your fesoi slouch socks.

  • fesoi Slouch Socks (Loose Socks) - original Brand Quality
  • 120cm shaft length (Tube Length) for individual gathers (depending on preference 10 to 30cm)
  • Embroidered fesoi logo on the shaft end (can be worn on side or back)
  • Elastic waistband at shaft end for optimum fit
  • 75% cotton for your comfort
  • Socks available in 2 sizes: EU 35-38 and 39-42
    (US 4-7 and 8-11)
    (UK 2-5 and 6-9)
Material and Care

Our socks have the following material composition:
75% cotton / 22% nylon / 3% elastane

fesoi Slouch Socks can be washed up to 40°C. For an optimal and longlasting fit we recommend drying on a leash.

Wearing examples: fesoi socks on feet

slouch-socks-fila-disruptor shopper-socken-buffalo-london

What are Slouch Socks?

Slouch socks are extra long socks with a loose shaft. This is gathered downwards in the direction of the foot. The result is a look reminiscent of leg warmers of the 80s. The Loose Socks, as the socks with the wide shaft are also called, first gained great popularity in Japan in the 90s. The Japanese youth culture Kogal is seen as mainly responsible for this. In Asia today the fashion trends Ulzzang and Kawaii are making these kind of socks popular again. In Europe and America, slouch socks are becoming an increasingly popular accessory in the streetwear fashion and hip hop scene. The eye-catching sports socks are often combined with so-called chunky sneakers or dadshoes. Not without reason: The massive soles of this type of sneakers harmonize particularly well with the deliberately voluminous shaft of the loose top socks. A heavy and thick tube is important for the perfect loose look.

Buy Slouch Socks

The fesoi sock company offers you the opportunity to buy high-quality slouch socks directly in its brand online shop. In addition to the certainty that you will receive original socks, you will also enjoy numerous other advantages when you buy from the socks’ manufacturer. fesoi ships the extra long socks worldwide free of charge and with a tracking code. So you can always track your order - whether it's for delivery to Great Britain / UK, France, Spain, Korea or Japan.

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